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PostSubject: miskin_c TASK   miskin_c TASK EmptyWed Nov 11, 2009 1:07 pm

eow mga tol, my kasannagi family.....

I''ve been given a task by moderator tol sj.ech000 to conduct an inetrview wd fuj1_siga-fighters d founder of S.I.G.A ILOCNO also known as red_kasannagi.. it was one of a kind interview wd him,, for he gives back some of my questions in a way of re-phrasing them,,heheh,, i thought at first the it would be hard to start an interview wd him,, but he was a simple and nice man but a joker in his own way..

fuj1 aka red_Kasannagi, 33 m presently working in industrial here in jeddah. he''s been wd d kasannagi family for 2 years already but he cant remember for how long he had "'DOT2 moment"' and bonding wd mig,..hehehehehhe....he created, d S.I.G.A for all the ilocanos but everyone is wilcome to be part of his ilocano family eventhough not raced as one.....

My interviw wd him goes ds way,,,hehehe..

....as soon as i saw tol fiju enterd d room, i immediately PM him,, pwede po b mktmabay s rum m,,heheh he said""tambay lang and lahat welcome d2""

>..ur d founder of S.I.G.A and at the same time ur part of KASANNAGI family.. How can you differentiate
S.I.G.A from KASANNAGI, wat makes them different?..
.....but here goes he's answer but in a way of giving back my question in a re-phrased..heheh
""Alin mas importante, ung pinagpaguran o ung ibinigay""..

..i told him its both, for he is sharing the happiness behind the S.I.G.A family just like Kua tol Hiro shared
his happiness being wd d kasannagi... its just loke a give and take relationhips, sharing wat u have
and taking wat others want 2 share wd u,,,heheh he just laugh and said
""nakuha mo sagot ko sa sagot m..."

>what makes u dfferent from kua Tol HIRO_kasannagi as a founder,
fij1..""wala ako masabe,,hehehehee""

...he ask me if this was my task,,heheheh i told him yes but i admitted that it after i finished my interview wd him,, no one should know my task,, but he does,, but after i interviewed him..heheh... its not a long conersation but its meaningful in a way,, he is a founder and at the same time he is a member.

My task for interviewing tol fuj1 aka red_kasannagi ends here,,, we should always remember that family is the most important in our life.. We are KASANNAGI and always be KASANNAGI eventhough we make our new rums wd our own rules,, we should not turn back from where we''ve started respect one other.. respect starts from our family,,,, respect ourselves if we want to earn respect from others,,,

To all KASANNAGI members,, MOERATORS, NEOPHITES and for our resapected founder kua tol HIRO_KASANNAGI hope sooner or later ill be really part of ur KASANNIGI FAMILY...

love lots...
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miskin_c TASK
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