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 A Ghost Story

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PostSubject: A Ghost Story   A Ghost Story EmptyThu Oct 30, 2008 10:23 am


Here i go again,,

This was last 2001, its my 1st time na pumunta ng baguio with friends..

To start wento muna ako bkit napunta kami sa baguio, Ung best friend ko c Carlo.. May GF sa baguio, eh pupunthan daw nya niyaya nya ako kc wala xa ksama, eh may pasok kami nun, naka dorm kami d2 sa malapit sa school nmin, (AUF) angeles university foundation. edi d ko nman xa iiwan so sumama ako d kami pumasok for 4 days, haha adek lang noh.. nasa baguio kami with my other friend c DON. so 4 kami, Me,Don,Carlo and her GF, Alana.

pumunta kami sa Padis shoting shoting.. bad boy p ako nun eh.. heheh.. after padis deretcho albertos yta un, bsta may AL un name nung bar.. naka sami na kami inum.. eh nag trip kami. not knowing Carlo's GF Alana nkaka kita xa. well binibiro nmin xa kala nmin d man 22o. so nag abang kami taxi may pupunthan daw kami.. eh ako lasing na medyu kaya malakas loob.. hanap ako taxi nyan..

the freeky part is lahat ng taxi na tnatawag ko pag cnbi ko ung place ayaw nila. uuwi na daw cla. almost 7 taxi ung tnawag ko na ayaw.. last naka hanap aklo taxi ung mga FX type.. so ok na naka upo c Carlo and GF sa front seat, kami ni Don nasa likod nila eh FX may pinaka likod pa yun dba.. but before kami umalis, ung driver open nya hood ng sasakyan and check the lights and breaks, dun ako bgla natakot. tpos tpos.. edi umandar na kami, nun nasa madlim na kami dun sa place bgla ako kinilabutan c alana nman nka yuku lang ke carlo kami nman sa likod ni don parang wala lng khit nkaka takot xa eh lasing eh kunwari matapang hahaha.. nag joke joke pa kami, open ni Don ung window,, cnigawan xa ni Alana. wag daw kmi cra ulo. edi cnara nman nya. tpos bgla sumigaw c alana tpos tnakpan nya ung bibig nya ni Carlo, sabi ni carlo wag kang sisigaw nagugulat ako.. asan xa?? may nkita kna?? un ang tnong ni carlo. nka ipikit c alana and umiiyak sabi lng nya i told u wag an tyu punta d2. edi pna balik nnmin, along the way nanginginig c alana. tpos concern naman kami syempre nag tatanong kami what happen if san xa nkakita.. sabi lng nya don't look back.. eh papogi epek kami, sabay kami 2mingin ni Don sa likod guest what!!! 2malon kami sa harapan ng FX amf! imagine 5 kami nasa harap ng FX!!! have a clue what nkita nmin?? someone.. may nka upo sa pinaka back ng FX and amf muntik na ako 2malon sa FX.. sabi lng ng driver wag nyu kc pansinin aalis din yan, pag daan ntin sa ilaw mwawala na yan.. wala ng tumingin kung nwala nga xa or hindi ayaw nmnin 2mingin sa likdo malay ko ba nag pnta nnman sa next seat weh!! e2 ung pnaka ayaw ko na EXP ko kc d ko un alam. at d xa from d2 sa haws nmin. sa haws nmin kc medyu nasanay na ako pero un TANAYDANA!! hahahaa... and by the way the place na pinunthan nmin was called Salawakan Road..
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PostSubject: Re: A Ghost Story   A Ghost Story EmptyThu Oct 30, 2008 10:42 am

Deathbed Visions

Close to the moment of death, apparitions of deceased friends and loved ones appear to escort the dying to the other side. It is a phenomenon that is more common than you might imagine.

Father lies dying. The hospital is quiet. Visiting hours are over and the sun has long since set. Father has been sleeping off and on all day. His doctor says the end could come at any time. His wrinkled, sunken eyes open slowly. His breathing has been labored, but now it seems to ease and soften. His eyes track to a corner of the room where there is only a faded green vinyl chair. Father smiles.

"You're here," he whispers.

His daughter, determined to be with him in his final moments, takes his hand. "Yes, I'm here, dad," she says. But she knows he's not looking at her.

"No," father says, never taking his eyes off the corner of the room. "There. It's your uncle Jerome. I never thought I'd see him again."

The daughter glances to the corner, but of course sees nothing. Father seems coherent. In fact, she hasn't seen him so alert in days.

"Oh my!" Father's smile broadens. "And Lucille! And mother is with them! They- they say they have come to help me. They have come to take me with them. Can't you see them? They look so wonderful!"

The daughter wraps her father's hand in both of hers. She doesn't know what to think. Father closes his eyes again and the smile slowly fades from his lips. He releases one long, last breath... and is gone.

Such deathbed visions are not just the stuff of stories and movies. They are, in fact, more common than you might think and are surprisingly similar across nationalities, religions and cultures. Instances of these unexplained visions have been recorded throughout history and stand as one of the most compelling proofs of life after death.

Anecdotes of deathbed visions have appeared in literature and biographies throughout the ages, but it wasn't until the 20th century that the subject received scientific study. One of the first to examine the subject seriously was Sir William Barrett, a Professor of Physics at the Royal College of Science in Dublin. In 1926 he published a summation of his findings in a book titled Death Bed Visions. In the many cases he studied, he discovered some interesting aspects of the experience that are not easily explained:

* It was not uncommon for the dying people who saw these visions to identify friends and relatives who they thought were still living. But in each case, according to Barrett, it was later discovered that these people actually were dead. (Remember, communications then wasn't what it is today, and it might take weeks or even months to learn that a friend or loved one had died.)
* Barrett found it curious that children quite often expressed surprise that the "angels" they saw in their dying moments did not have wings. If the deathbed vision is just a hallucination, wouldn't a child see an angel as it is most often depicted in art and literature - with large, white wings?

More extensive research into these mysterious visions was carried out in the 1960s and 1970s by Dr. Karlis Osis of the American Society for Psychical Research. In this research, and for a book he published in 1977 titled At the Hour of Death, Osis considered thousands of case studies and interviewed more than 1,000 doctors, nurses and others who attended the dying. The work found a number of fascinating consistencies:

* Although some dying people report seeing angels and other religious figures (and sometimes even mythical figures), the vast majority claim to see familiar people who had previously passed away.
* Very often, the friends and relatives seen in these visions express directly that they have come to help take them away.
* The dying person is reassured by the experience and expresses great happiness with the vision. Contrast this with the confusion or fear that a non-dying person would experience at seeing a "ghost." The dying also seem quite willing to go with these apparitions.
* The dying person's mood - even state of health - seems to change. During these visions, a once depressed or pain-riddled person is overcome with elation and momentarily relieved of pain... until death strikes.
* These experiencers do not seem to be hallucinating or to be in an altered state of consciousness; rather, they appear to be quite aware of their real surroundings and conditions.
* Whether or not the dying person believes in an afterlife is irrelevant; the experience and reactions are the same.

Fact or Fantasy?

How many people have deathbed visions? This is unknown since only about 10 percent of dying people are conscious shortly before their deaths. But of this 10 percent, it is estimated, between 50 and 60 percent of them experience these visions. The visions only seem to last about five minutes and are seen mostly by people who approach death gradually, such as those suffering from life-threatening injuries or terminal illnesses.

So what are deathbed visions? How can they be explained? Are they hallucinations produced by dying brains? Delusions produced by drugs in the systems of the patients? Or could the visions of spirits be exactly what they appear to be: a welcome committee of deceased loved ones who have come to ease the transition to life on another plane of existence?

Carla Wills-Brandon attempts to answer these questions in her book, [i]One Last Hug Before I Go: The Mystery and Meaning of Death Bed Visions[/i, which includes many modern-day accounts.

Could they be creations of the dying brain - a kind of self-induced sedative to ease the dying process? Although this is a theory offered by many in the scientific community, Wills-Brandon doesn't agree. "The visitors in the visions were often times deceased relatives who came to offer support to the dying person," she writes. "In some situations, the dying did not know these visitors were already dead." In other words, why would the dying brain only produce visions of people who are dead, whether the dying person knew they were dead or not?

And what about the effects of medication? "Many of the individuals who have these visions are not on medications and are very coherent," writes Wills-Brandon. "Those who are on medications also report these visions, but the visions are similar to those who are not on medications."

Best Evidence

We may never know whether these experiences are truly paranormal - that is, until we too pass from this life. But there is one aspect of some deathbed visions that is most difficult to explain and lends most credence to the idea that they are actual visitations of spirits from "the other side." On rare occasions, the spirit entities are seen not only by the dying patient, but also by the friends, relatives and others in attendance!

According to one case documented in the February, 1904 edition of Journal of the Society for Psychic Research, a deathbed apparition was seen by a dying woman, Harriet Pearson, and by three relatives who were in the room.

Two witnesses in attendance of a dying young boy independently claimed to see the spirit of his mother at his bedside.

How the Dying and Their Relatives Benefit

Whether the deathbed visions phenomenon is real or not, the experience is very often beneficial for the people involved. In his book Parting Visions, Melvin Morse writes that visions of a spiritual nature can empower dying patients, making them realize that they have something to share with others. Also, these visions dramatically lessen or completely remove the fear of dying in the patients and are enormously healing to the relatives.

Carla Wills-Brandon believes that deathbed visions can help change our overall attitude about death. "Many people today fear their own death and have difficulty handling the passing of loved ones," she says. "If we can recognize that death is nothing to fear, perhaps we will be able to live life with more fully. Knowing that death is not the end just might resolve some of our fear-based societal difficulties."
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PostSubject: Re: A Ghost Story   A Ghost Story EmptyThu Oct 30, 2008 10:45 am

Sa sulok ng apartment.... by:KOCHO

nung isang gabi lang... habang nakikipag'usap ako sa mga kababayan ko sa SB ng PU... kausap ko si sir rjane at si sir oranj.. may sineset kasi kami, sabay nangungulit pa ng ibang novo ecijano. ok ok lang sana nung una eh... mga bandang 11 ng gabi yun eh... eh di nagttype akong ganyan... nang bigalang...

vmwiblnqhvb;qnnhphbnpqnmro[bnmqbhq. . . . ..... . . . . ..

ganyan ganyan lumalabas sa monitor ko... kahit alam kong hindi yan ang tinatype ko.... sinu ba naman loko mag'ttype ng ganyan sa SB ng PU.. eh may pinag'uusapan nga kami...

eh di binalewala ko naman muna kasi nga baka kako nagloloko lang naman yung keyboard ko.... (ito pa rin naman gamit ko ngayun)

tapos eh di naging ok na ulit siya.
mga isang oras mahigit naman ang lumipas. medyo nakalimutan ko na yung pangyayari. hindi na ulit ako takot.
nang bigla namang kumaluskos ang mga pinggan sa kusina na pra bang may nag'uurong.

so ako naman tong si matapang kunyari. isang malakas na "SHU!" lang ang pinakawalan ko.HOPING na sana eh isang malaking daga lang ang may kagagawan ng ingay na yun sa lababo. nawala naman siya.


(eh di tuloy tuloy ulit ang pakikipag'chat ko)

tapos... ayan na naman...

so natakot na talaga ako.
nag'ON ako na ilaw. dito sa sala... saka ko gumawi sa kusina...
ayun! nag'ON na lang din ako nang ilaw dun. sa sobrang takot ko, hindi na ako makatulog. eh di wala ako magawa ngayun. nag'paalaman na rin naman kami ng mga kausap ko. so wala na ko kausap. yung kasama ko naman dito sa bahay eh tulog na. ako naman tong si loko, dahil sa kaadikan ko magbasa, binasa ko pa ulit tong twilight na novel ko dito.

(kung bakit pa yun naman kasi naisip kong gawin! eh takot na nga di ba?)

sa pag'aakalang hindi na ko makakaramdam o makakkakita ng hindi normal sa liwanag ng buong apratment eh mas lalalo pa pala.

alam mo yung feeling na pakiramdam mo eh may kasama ka kahit alam mong wala naman... (feeling na pakiramdam?! wow labo!) yung pakiramdam ba na parang may nakatingin sayo sa likod mo o sa gilid mo... ganun!!!! ganun na ganun yung pakiramdam ko...

so hindi ko pinansin muna. kagandahan na ng kwento eh. andun na ulit ako sa part na sinagip ni Edward si Bella sa nawalan ng control na van dahil sa may snow yung daan. basta ganun. yung mag'sususpetsa na si Bella na may kakaiba sa pagkatao ni Edward. yun! andun na ko! bigla ba naman may tumhilis na anino sa sulok nang apartment.dun sa tapat ng banyo. mabilis na mabilis lang papasok ng banyo... image tao...

eh di napabalikwas ako agad. sa sobrang takot ko na kinalabit ko na tong si konan. (kasama ko rito sa apartment) lasing siya nung gabi bago siya matulog so mahirap siya gisingin... umungol lang siya... OK na ko dun, basta alam ko lan g may kasama pa ko. ayan matapang na ko ulit kahit ganun pa rin pakiramdam (na may nakatingin pa rin sakin)

hanggan sa mag'aalas kwarto ng maga. susubukan ko sanang magpatay na nang ilaw at nang makatulog na rin sana ako ,nang biglang....

(ito na ang pinakamatindi dito sa kwentong to!)

may nakita akong image mismo sa harap ko... sa harap ko mismo! hindi kalayuan sakin to! dahil sa papatayin ko nga di ba yung ilaw di ba? (yung ilaw sana sa kusina uunhajin ko) na nakatuon pa rin ang mata ko sa Book ha!? (naiimagine niyo ba?) isipin niyo kayu yung nagbabasa tapos di ba kahit sa binabasa mo ikaw nakatingin eh di da kahit papano may nakikita ka pa rin naman sa iba sa pligid mo... ayun! ito yung image, nakatayo sa harap ko...

isang mabilis na tagpo papunta sa kama! walang patayan ng ilaw! nagtalukbong na lang ako ng malong kahit na napakainit para lang feeling ko eh ligtas ako kahit na alam kong wala naman talaga magagawa yung malong oh kahit na anu...

mula nang oras na yun hanggang sa magising at mausawan na yung katabi ko eh hindi na ako nakatulog. hanggan sa magliwanag na. saka na lang ako nakatulog nung gising na silang lahat...
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PostSubject: Re: A Ghost Story   A Ghost Story EmptyThu Oct 30, 2008 10:47 am

Babae sa Salamin by : darthkreux

it was year 2005 at the start of our 1st semester. it was during our thesis nung nangyari to....

ako at mga thesis mates (3 guys, 2 girls) ko ay naghahanap ng apartment kung saan kame pwd magstay at dun namin gawin ung thesis. mejo kuripot kami dat time at pihikan sa lugar. kahit may nahanap na kame, my something mali like kung maganda ang bahay , ang mahal ng babayaran. kung mura naman pangit ung bahay. kung mura at maganda naman, pangit ng location. madami talagan aberya hanggat nagsuggest na lang ung isang kasama ko na dun na lang kame sa isang abandonadong gusali malapit sa kanila kung saan dw caretaker ang dad nya. so pumunta kame dun. ganda ng lugar. it was a 3 storey building. malaki ang space(atleast 10x10 meters) na napili namin, at my ilaw at tubig na. it was also at the 3rd floor. so we decided na dun na lang kame. nilinis namin ang buong lugar at dinivide namin into 3 ang rum. rum for the boys, for the girls at ang working area. sa paglilinis namin, my nakita ang kasama kong girl na malaking lumang salamin nakatago at nakabalot sa isang puting tela. she decided na magagmit namin un so dinala nya ito at nilinis. sinabit nya ito sa rum nila.

after a week. we finally move-in. it was very nice place kasi nasa downtown na kame. during our first night we party. we invited our friends to come over. many have come. when midnight comes the party ended. we started cleaning up the mess nung nakita namin ang gf ng kasama ko na bigla na lang nanginginig. we didnt mind kasi naglilinis na kame. hinatid sya ng bf nya. the next morning when she visited her bf. i asked her kung anong nangyari. sabi nya wala lng dw un.

a few days passed and we had developed this habbit of watching a movie in the middle of the night. one time habang nanunuod kame, i cant help but noticing na ung gf ng fren ko ay nakatitig sa isang lugar. after the movie, i asked her if she saw something. kinulit ko tlg sya para magsalita until she said only one thing, "SALAMIN". then she run off.

another days passed by at chineck ko nga itong salamin. wala naman akong weird nararamdamn about d2. one particaular night, lumabas ako para mgwiwi. everybody was asleep. pagbalik ko, my nkta akong babae pumasok sa rum namin. akala ko ung gf ng fren ko. so i waited outside the rum for ilang minutes. sa inip ko sumilip ako sa rum. to my surprise, ala ang gf ng fren ko. kinilabutan ako agad at tumakbo sa kama ko.

one time din, as we were working our thesis during the night. i saw someone pumasok sa rum ng mga girls pero nung tiningnan ko kumpleto kame. dun ko naconclude na d lang kme ang nkatira dun. d lang pla kame ng gf ng kasama ko ang nakakakita kundi pati ung mga bumibisita sa amin. it was d same evry now and then. my pumapasok na babae sa rum ng mga girls. isang gabi, narinig namin ang mga girls biglang sumigaw. we rushed in. we asked them kung ano. sabi nila my katabi dw sila sa kama. it gave us all goosebumps. and i came to realise kung bkit nkabalot sa puting tela ang salamin. what i did is took the mirror at tinago to.

a few months pass and it was almost our finals. we invited some instructors and some of our friends to give us a dry run so we clean during the day. the night comes and the dry-run finally started. when it was my turn i gave my celfon to my fren. as i deliver i noticed somthing is not right. mukhang maraming tao pero as i recall it iilan lang ung ininvite namin at isa sa mga instructor ay d mapakali. as our dry-run comes to an end, my fren called me and said na nagloloko celfon ko. so i rush-in and saw some1 closely followd me behind. i didnt mind who it was. tinanong ko sya anong nangyari at sabi nya d dw nya alam. basta nawala na lang dw mga names sa fonbuk. sabi ko "pano nawala kung wala kang ginwa?" tapos kinausap ko ung nasa tabi ko at sinabi "dba tama ako?". my fren was shocked and asked me "sino kausap mo?" when i finally turned no one was there. nagtinginan kameng 2 and we both run out of the rum.

the next day, we finally told them everything we saw. of course no 1 believe us except when the an instructor approached us and said "d lang pala kame ang invited dun" and then he walks away from us...

till this day kinikilabutan pa rin kami tuwing napapadaan kame sa gusaling un...
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PostSubject: Re: A Ghost Story   A Ghost Story EmptyThu Oct 30, 2008 10:54 am

the so called-aswang... is it real??? by:naruto731

this is a real experience.... pero... sabi ng iba talaga... di kapanipaniwala..... but fortunately... mga classmates ko sila..... during our vacation.... at kasama ko silang nagbonding.... somewhere in Bicol....

sabi nila ang aswang... manananggal or whatever their kind... sa capiz daw nagoriginate at ... iloilo..... pero as if.... meron din daw sa bicol.....

well it all started when we are used to play volleyball in the beach one cold night... at para talagang nsa pelikula... kasi ang ganda ng background... lakas ng impact ng buwan..... napakamysterious talaga.....

so... birubiruan pa.... at inabot kami ng mga 8p.m kakalaro ng volleyball....
tapos... may lumapit samin matanda..... well kasambahay namin sya... at sinabi nya na pumasok daw kami.... kasi sa mga ganitong panahon daw... it was summer.... maraming aswang na nagkalat.....

so tawa kami ng tawa.... sabi ng classmate ko si Ian... manong.... seryoso ba kayo... or niloloko nyo kami...

so we look on him... at talagang seryoso sya... di naman sya natawa...
so natahimik tuloy kami.... and we decided to go to our place na... it is almost... 9 n cguro ng we decided to put off the light and magkwentuhan ng mga horror things....

tapos lumapit na nmn samin c manong.... at sabi... wag nga kayong magkwentuhan ng ganan.... nsa mukha n nito ang takot... baka may magpakita dito.... ano b kayo.....

so.... tawanan n naman kami... at yun nagsimula n kaming maginuman.... San Mig Light nga lang e.... kaya di kmi lasing.... kwentuhan ulit.... at sumapit na ang 12:30 un.....

isang halinghing ang narinig nmin... sabi ni Ian.... naku manong... ginugudtym nyu n nmn kami sa mga aswang ah.... tama n nga kayo...

nagulat ako kasi....si manong ayun at tulog n sa couch.... at natahimik kami... iba kasi ang ungol n yun.... arg... arg... arg.....

tapos naririnig n nmin ung mga manok.... prang kumakawala.... ang then sabi ni Ian.... tol... nakikita mo ba ung nakikita ko....

sabi nman ni Josh... pare aninag ko... o parang tao... nagnanakaw yata ng manok oh..... so ginising nmin si Manong....

tapos.... tiningnan nmin.. at were shocked..... mabalahibo sya.... at di nmn namumula ang mata.... at well kagat kagat nya yung manok sa leeg... and the blood spilling....

sabi ni Ian.... putang ina..... ano un>>>?????.... sabi ko... por Diyos por Santo.... halimaw... yata yan... ah... aswang... so ang ginawa ni Manong.... kumuha ng ewan namin kung pangontra...... prang anting or something and...... yun sumugod sya... kami nmn.... hawak nmin yung mga itak....

then...... yun nasunggaban si manong... at naitarak.. ni manong ung anting ba un.... sa so called aswang... and then... vanished.....

pra kaming mga adik at that time...... at un... di n kami nakatulog ng araw na yun....

tahimik din si manong....

well... di ko parin talga alam kung anong klase yun... nsa inyo n po... kung maniniwala po kayo.... it happen about.... 6 years ago... at so far... ayoko nang mangyari pa ulit....
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PostSubject: Re: A Ghost Story   A Ghost Story EmptyFri Oct 31, 2008 1:21 pm

lol! ok ang wento panghalowen.....ooooooops! bakit aq tumawa baka my mumu ngaun ah.. affraid

---->simple guy next door<----
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PostSubject: Re: A Ghost Story   A Ghost Story EmptySun Nov 02, 2008 2:38 am

lol! A Ghost Story 386517 Installment muna 'tol hiro ang basa... waaaaah, may work pa ko di na 2loy ako makatulog, huhuhuhu!!! affraid affraid
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PostSubject: tama ba   A Ghost Story EmptyTue Feb 24, 2009 2:03 pm

pare naranasan ko ung ibang experience mu sa ghost dito rin sa baguio..........
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A Ghost Story
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